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Since the end of 2000, from the foundation of the IntelliMed Hungária Ltd. company, we are steadily and dynamically developing, our turnover has steadily increased between 2001 to 2016 years. We have a wide network of health relations.


The live introduction of the ESZIR (Healthcare Vocational Training Information System) developed for the Hungarian Chamber of Healthcare Professionals (MESZK) is ongoing, alongside our continuous backend support.

We are already completing the full renewal of websites for various organizations, including the Hungarian Society of Immunology, the Hungarian Society of Pediatric Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, the Hungarian Society of Nephrology, the Hungarian Osteoporosis and Osteoarthrology Society, and the patient pages of the Hungarian Diabetes Society. This year, we will also unveil the new Web system for the National Advocacy and Professional Association of General Practitioners for Children.

A cloud-based healthcare IT development represents the most important ICT assignment for us this year, occupying 95% of our existing development capacity.

We are preparing for the grant opportunities that will be available in 2023 through European Union support.


We have renewed or newly developed the web systems of several Medical Professional Societies, among which we specifically mention the website szivderito.hu, which is the dedicated web system for patients of the Hungarian Cardiologists Society.

We successfully delivered the functional modules of the ESZIR (Healthcare Vocational Training Information System) to the Hungarian Chamber of Healthcare Professionals (MESZK): 1.) Vocational Training Institution module. 2.) Registry and Accreditation of Dual Training Institutions module. 3.) Sectoral Basic Exam Module. 4.) Chamber Practical Instructor Training and Examination module. 5.) Career Orientation module. 6.) Kossuth Zsuzsanna National Healthcare Vocational Competition module. 7.) Financial Reporting Support module, and other smaller but independent, modular units forming part of the complex ESZIR system (Administration, User Permissions, Master Data, Data Queries, Statistics, Forum, Knowledge Base, Archive, FAQs, Video Library, etc.).

We secured a project fitting our profile - a cloud-based healthcare IT development - which tied up 95% of our development capacity on Microsoft Azure for the remainder of 2022 and for the entire year of 2023.


One of the most significant assignments in 2021 was our success in the invitation tender for the development of the ESZIR system (Healthcare Vocational Training Information System) for the Hungarian Chamber of Healthcare Professionals (MESZK). This project absorbed 95% of our development capacity based on cloud (Microsoft Azure) infrastructure throughout 2021. We successfully expanded the IntelliMed team with new developer colleagues. Concurrently, we structurally and visually renovated the MESZK web system.

We are proud to welcome back our former partner, the Hungarian Federation of Medical Associations and Societies (MOTESZ), comprising 110 member organizations, for whom we now provide the backend of their web system.

We completely renewed and made several professional society systems responsive (mobile-friendly). We developed a dedicated web system for patients of the Hungarian Hypertension Society.

Our online communication assignments have retained their significant importance in our service portfolio.


The year 2020 was dominated by COVID, and our work schedule shifted predominantly to home-office, becoming hybrid. As our partners' activities transformed, so did ours; alongside significantly fewer offline event-related work demands, we received significantly more online communication assignments. We reinforced our infrastructure to support remote work: we now utilize Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings in daily practice with external partners, established an IP-based phone system with mobile app-based phone extensions, transitioned from MS Navision to Microsoft Business Central (BC), also applying for grant support for our cloud-based ERP system.

We developed a website system for the Hungarian Diabetes Society on the topic of Telemedicine, utilizing EMMI grant support. Among others, we also created professional, patient, and healthcare professional websites, as well as mobile applications for the Hungarian Dermatological Association.

We also ventured into completely new territory: due to the mandatory introduction of EESzT (Electronic Health Services Space) systems, we developed online backend components primarily for a company specializing in private medical office systems, enabling their system to receive accreditation from NEAK and EESzT, as well as becoming capable of online tax reporting to the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV).


We have successfully completed our long-standing R&D projects; we have closed both our GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00790 and VEKOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00289 applications, and accordingly, we have developed functional prototypes.

We have renewed the European ESVM (vascular-medicine.org) system, redesigned the website of the Airway Security Section for Anesthesiologists, and carried out the modernization of several previously developed web systems.

For one of our partners involved in the development and distribution of blood glucose meters, we have conducted and continue to conduct cloud-based telemedicine development activities.

With cloud-based development on Microsoft Azure, we have completely revitalized the Electronic Registry of Diabetic Care Facilities for the Hungarian Diabetes Society during the 2018-2019 period.

Our online communication activities have further strengthened within the web systems of our partners.


The year 2018 was marked by the implementation of the European Union's GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We made our doki.NET CDMS system GDPR compliant. We integrated functionalities supporting the actual implementation of GDPR requirements into the medical society systems managed by us. Throughout the preparation and implementation, we closely collaborated with the Hungarian Medical Societies and Associations Federation (MOTESZ). As a result of our good working relationship, we were able to compile a comprehensive GDPR support package containing legal and IT elements for medical professional organizations. We held informative presentations and Q&A sessions at several events organized jointly with MOTESZ.

At the request of our clients, we continue to modernize previously developed web systems with contemporary, fresh designs and mobile-friendly versions. For the Hungarian Society of Cardiologists, we have developed a complex, standalone system suitable for assembling the complete scientific program of an event, including presentations, abstract submissions, and reviewer surfaces, for a multi-day, multi-location event.


We have renewed and designed the websites of several Medical Professional Societies (Perinatology Society, Nutrition Science Society, Pulmonology Society). Among these, we highlight the reconstruction of the website of the Hungarian Pulmonology Society, which we developed using the latest web technologies, based on Microsoft Azure, as a prototype. Significant events of the year 2017 include the recognition of two grant applications submitted in 2016; our R&D project in telemedicine, themed GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00790, and our grant application VEKOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00289. Non-refundable grants - upon successful implementation - represent significant financial resources for us to strengthen our future R&D activities. Our online communication activities are dynamically expanding within our partners' web systems.


Growing orders from our customers demonstrate the effectiveness of our online marketing activities and underline the cornerstone of IntelliMed: customer confidence. Our partners recognize the ever increasing importance of online communication necessitates a stable and long-time partner. The Hungarian Society of Laboratory Medicine and Hungarian Association of Rheumatologists are both longtime clients for whom IntelliMed undertaken multiple full visual renewals of the web systems. With the coordination of the Hungarian Society of Hypertension and the expert assistance of Richter, we have developed the revolutionary medical support tool ‘Hypertension Therapy’ for iOS, Android and Windows phone platforms. In addition, we are actively involved in the e-Health Working Group of the ICT Association of Hungary and place strong emphasis on the utilization of agile software development methods in our projects. The Azure-based human resource and effective time management system has been introduced in several clinics. In mid-2016 our website was also remodeled and made multilingual.


IntelliMed continues to strengthen its relationship with our partners, including the fine-tuning of member and membership fee registration and e-certificate systems. A series of smaller projects are also delivered, including the website of the Hungarian Society of Sport Medicine, the Hungarian Endosonography Club, and the Hungarian Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology. IntelliMed redesigns and upgrades the websites of the Hungarian Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, the Hungarian “Progress for Rheumatology” Foundation. IntelliMed delivers a dedicated mobile website version for Hungarian Society of Cardiology. Countless online communications campaigns are organized and successfully carried out through our web systems. In collaboration with the Hungarian Medical Chamber and several professional medical societies, we remain committed to continue the ‘KonziliuMOK’ (Concilium) project. Among our tender activities, the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme is our most prolific success, which helped us to prepare for EU grants.


IntelliMed develops an Electronic Scheduling System for the Clinic of Pediatrics of Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary) that made recording routines, on-call schedules and necessary numbers of physicians, residents and freelance employees for safe patient care more easily planned and constantly verifiable. Using Microsoft-based technologies, the Azure cloud service ensures stable system operation of the system. As a result of the positive reviews, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Budapest, Hungary) also implement our system. Our aim now is to turn towards foreign markets.

IntelliMed wins more than 19.33 million HUF (USD 75.000) in non-reimbursable EU grants, within the framework of the Economic Development Operational Program, that supports foreign market entry for micro, small and medium enterprises. Our project with a total cost of 38,67 million HUF (~USD 145.000) is aimed at increasing international competitiveness and at fostering international appearance.


IntelliMed launches a nationwide data update campaign for the Chamber of Hungarian Health Care Professionals and continued to develop the Chamber’s member and membership fee online data system. The Chamber of Hungarian Health Care Professionals orders an online e-learning system handling courses for credits and more than 30,000 online exams a year. IntelliMed launches an electronic membership fee invoice and proof of tax-submission service (e-bill system) for the Hungarian Medical Chamber. The members are now able to view their membership fee balance and download their tax certificates instantly in real-time. IntelliMed completes the prototype of the National Anesthesiological and Intensive Therapeutic Reporting System (ANOJE). The latest cloud-based system currently operates in test mode in three hospitals and clinics.


IntelliMed launches a nationwide data update campaign for the Hungarian Medical Chamber. All members of the chamber are now able to update their personal information in the online database instantly in real-time. We also welcome a prominent partner this year in the Chamber of Hungarian Health Care Professionals who commission us to create a new web system upon the referral of the Hungarian Medical Chamber. With the assistance of our partner, NetLock Ltd, IntelliMed prepares the electronic remote voting system for the Hungarian Society of Cardiology. IntelliMed also wins bids to service the online systems of The Hungarian Society of Pediatrics and the National Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.


IntelliMed develops a convenient online membership fee payment module. First implemented by the Hungarian Society of Cardiology, the membership fee payment records are now administered virtually without the need of human resources. Also choosing to implement our system in 2011 are the Diseases Society of Hungary and the Hungarian Society for Immunology.


IntelliMed successfully develops our electronic remote voting system for the Hungarian Society of Cardiology alongside our partner NetLock Ltd. The Hungarian Psychiatric Association, the Hungarian Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology, the Hungarian Society of Internal Medicine all also implemented our doki.NET systems. IntelliMed designs and publishes the individual website for University of Debrecen Clinics. These sites are also linked to and collaborate with the main Clinic’s webpage.


In 2010 IntelliMed becomes Microsoft Online Services Partners. We constantly renew and rebuild our serviced websites to the latest standards, which is not a small task, as IntelliMed operates nearly 100 websites by 2010.


The market leader in Hungary for the production and distribution of blood glucose measuring devices. 77 Electronics Ltd. commissions IntelliMed to develop an internet support, data collection and analysis system for their blood glucose measuring devices (dcont.hu). The system is accessible without charge for Dcont blood glucose meter users.


IntelliMed is awarded a contract for an integrated Web-based Intranet System, and the realization of independent Web systems at the Clinic Institutes of the University of Debrecen. IntelliMed also completes the overhaul of the Hungarian Medical Chamber web system, including integration and successful system compatibility of our Portal System with the physicians’ ID chip cards carried by 43,000 Hungarian Medical Chamber members.


The Medical and Health Science Centre of Debrecen University (DE OEC) award IntelliMed several contracts. While we receive inquiries from multiple partners IntelliMed is also affected by the reduction in corresponding healthcare IT spending. 2007 is spent modernizing and restructuring our infrastructure. We performed a complete refactoring on the doki.NET portal server and prepared a number of new services for 2008.


IntelliMed enters into a long-term cooperation with the Observer media watch agency to provide professional content management service. IntelliMed implements both CRM and ERP systems with external partners as well as affects the launch of the gluco.NET project. SmartCard user authentication and an e-Learning Program are introduced for cardiologist and professionals in the field of hypertension. 2006 marks one of the most profitable year in the company's history.


IntelliMed is assigned ever increasing numbers of clients seeking technological and communications services. The e-Learning Program osteoporosis.hu is rated among the most successful electronic projects by the industry press. The Electronic Registration System for Diabetic Care Units, which oversees and accredits 180 diabetic care units, is launched.


Our e-Learning Program and SmartCard systems are launched. Lectures are regularly broadcast for students at the 1st Clinic of Internal Medicine at the General Medical Faculty of Semmelweis University. IntelliMed wins significant grants from the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication, through which the National Anesthesiology Reporting System ANESZTINFO (Hungarian abbreviation: OJE) is established. This marks the beginning of the reporting of professional data via internet in Hungary.


The Association of Hungarian Rheumatologists awards IntelliMed its contract. 11 National Health Insurance Units acquire data from 3500 patients with anonymous data collection through the Hungarian Osteoporosis Risk Questionnaire within three months. These data have since been used for many publications. 2003 marks IntelliMed’s move to a new office with state-of-the-art infrastructure.


IntelliMed begins to offer complex solutions (i.e., organization and management of electronic communications campaigns in addition to supplying technology). IntelliMed is commissioned to perform additional electronic marketing activities for our clients in the pharmaceutical industry.


The Hungarian Association of Diabetes and the Hungarian Orthopedic Association both award contracts to IntelliMed. Companies commission us to establish their electronic communications systems and through these projects, we establish deeper connections with fellow industry members.


IntelliMed is founded in December 2000. IntelliMed provides expert consultation and IT support to The Hungarian Association of Osteoporosis, the Hungarian Association of Hypertension, The Hungarian Association for Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapeutic Care.


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